Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year's Eve

Better Late than never! Here are some pictures from New Year's Eve. I stayed up until 11:45!! Didn't QUITE make it until midnight... but that was still REALLY late for me. There was so much to do that I just couldn't sleep (even though Mom and Dad put me in my jammies.) We went to dinner with Brad, Dee Ann, Rylee and Reese... then we went over to Luke's house. I loved playing with all of his toys! Luke has different toys than I do- so that was cool. Luke and I go to church and school together.
Luke and his Mommy, Jennifer.
Kaylee was being silly. She likes to have her picture taken.
Braeden is her brother... with his Mommy, Lindsay.
Tyler was sleepy. His older brother Ryan was in bed before we even got there!
I liked this toy.
We all wrestled together!
And played...
Rylee loves me so much she didn't want me to leave!
Reese, Luke and Rylee watched movies together.
Reese knows where her poopeck is already...
...and she's learning to moon the camera, too. I hope she'll teach me this trick soon.
I finally tuckered out in Daddy's arms. Can you tell he didn't want his picture taken??
I had a wonderful first New Years. Happy 2008 everyone!


jocelyn594 said...

Does Thatcher know where HIS poopeck is yet?! :-)

Kady Mae Bella said...

I love the pictures! Thatch staid up pretty late...Kady was knocked out by 730! She's a party animal.

Gram said...

Thatcher, looks like you had a great time for your FIRST New Year's Eve. Who cares if you stayed up for the whole thing? Could your Mommy stay up? She is usually the first Party Pooper.

grandpa said...

Did you get to go out on the street and pop firecrackers with your mommy's good friends down the street? Bet Daddy liked listening to them in his sleep. Doesn't look like much was bothering you by the time you went to bed. Happy New Year. Love you much.

Grandma said...

Thatcher sure looks like you are having a good time with all of your friends. I think you are looking like you feel much better too. Tell Mommy she will soon have to comb your hair. It is sure growing. Come see Grandma soon. Love you.