Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Best Cousin Ever

Well, Ash is just about the best cousin a boy could ever wish for... well, except that she's a GIRL~ hehe... Ashtyn came over today to play (she brought AL and Uncle Bobby, too.) We had such a good time. We played with all my toys- next time we'll go to her house and I can play with HER toys.
The Little Playground (Thanks Rylee and Reese!)...
Where did the ball go???
Ashtyn tried out my walk-behind toy. At first she just wanted to lay on it...
Then she got to going... maybe a bit too fast. Don't fall!!!
...Too Late... Ashtyn tipped over.
Thatcher to the RESCUE!
Okay- so maybe I wasn't "technically" coming to the rescue. Maybe I did just want my toy back. I'm not the best sharer. (Is that a word?)
At least we can BOTH play together.
After all our playtime, I konked out in bed... and Ashtyn konked out on my Daddy. She calls him Uncle Mike! I keep telling her that's not his name, but WHATEVER!


Gram said...

Looks like you & Ashtyn had a great time together today. We are so glad that you get a chance to see each other occasionally.

Love, Gram & Grandpa

Ashtyn said...

Thanks for having us over. It was SO much fun. Can't wait 'til next time!

grandpa said...

Can't believe you didn't teach your cuz how to walk. Looks like you both had fun though. I sure wish your mommy and daddy would get you something to play with. Poor boy. Maybe you'll get something for your birthday.
Love you,

Grandma said...

Looks like you two had so much fun playing with each other. I am so glad that you are able to be close. Thatcher looks like his Grandpa Mitch and Ashtyn looks like her Mama. Love you both.