Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lots of NEW stuff.

Brad and Dee Ann had lots of new stuff going on at their house, so last weekend we stopped by to take a looksy. Daddy was most interested in Brad's new big ol TV. Mommy was most interested in Dee Ann's new paint job in the living room. I was most interested in Duke, the new puppy. He liked me a lot more than Rudy does. (Okay- I have to be honest... Mommy really liked Duke, too.) Here are some pictures.
Above: THE TV!!! Below: Giving Dee Ann Slobber kisses
See- I told you Duke liked me! He's giving ME slobber kisses!!
Reese loves Duke, too.
Rylee didn't want her picture taken. But Duke did.

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The Slates said...

Thatcher, tell your mommy she is not allowed to come over to our house again with her new camera....unless the house clean. We had fun having you all over.