Friday, September 26, 2008

Volleyball Season

Last week I went to the Fossil Hill Football game. Yesterday, we went to the volleyball game. We got to see lots of Mommy's former students and I got to hang out with Brant (Mommy's "classroom neighbor's" son). The pictures aren't the greatest since Mom used the old camera, but Brant's Mommy brought her nice one, so I might be able to post better pictures later. PS- Brant got a new cousin today!!! Congrats!
I was checking out the cupcakes DD and Aleesa had while Anna looked on.
The buzzer sound scared Brant. It startled me quite a bit, too.
I did NOT want to go sit with him. I was being a Daddy's boy last night.
I finally warmed up to Brant and remembered him from playing together at McDonalds.
Brant was a lot more friendly than I was.


One Hale of a Story... said...

Big ups for not swiping one of those cupcakes out of the girls hands. You have a lot of self control Thatch!

Gram said...

Glad you and fam are going to ball games. That is what your Mommy did with her family. These pictures make you look sooo big! Will I even know you next time I see you?

Grananny and Grandad said...

Those buzzers at the games do get loud at's the squeeky shoes that get me.