Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bye-Bye Gram and Grandpa

Here's a sad face for Gram and Grandpa because I won't get to talk to them on the phone for two whole weeks. They are going to Brazil on a Mission Trip. Pray that Hurricane Ike doesn't inturrupt their plans. Have fun, Introduce Jesus to lots of people and come back safe and sound. I'll miss you!


MeMe said...

What a sad face. I will miss them, too.

E said...

We're all gonna miss them, but God had BIG PLANS for your Gram and Grandpa......I just know it!

Gram said...

Thatcher. we made it! We are in Brazil and had two worship services this evening, following an afternoon of prayer walking. A little girl just a little older than you gave me a kiss goodbye tonight. We miss you. Will be back soon.