Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cool Summer Nights

Tonght was very nice out. Not humid like it has been. Fall is in the air... well, almost. I went out with Mommy tonight to play. Mostly Rudy and I just ran and ran around the back yard. I do like to play with my Spidey-Ball... but Mom had a hard time getting decent pictures of me.

When I bang on the door and start to cry- that's my hint that I want to go in. Really, I just wanted to get a drink.


MeMe said...

Looks like Mom has learned the art of locking the door so you will stay outside. I used to tell my two, that I would let them in when it was time--play outside.

E said...

Poor Thatcher!

And Meme's comment made me laugh out loud - I've heard the stories!!!! =0)

Gram said...

Poor little boy. Mommy won't let you in. It looks like you are really enjoying your new patio. You need to thank Mommy and Daddy for it.

Grandma said...

It will not be long until you can reach that knob and let yourself in.