Monday, April 16, 2007

Waiting... Nine Months

Well, here I am looking like the grim reaper when I was 22 weeks along inside my Mommy's tummy. I scared my Mommy and Daddy because during a sonogram (on Friday the 13th) they saw some calcifications on my heart. A specialist had to take a closer look at me to make sure everything was okay. I had a higher risk for Down's Syndrome, but lots of people prayed for me and God made me perfect!

Here's my Mommy and Daddy together before I was born. Daddy doesn't really like to take pictures, so this is special. I was growing fast. Mommy was 34 weeks pregnant with me in this picture. Looking back she says the pregnancy went fast, but at the time it didn't really seem like it. I'm worth it all, though!

Well, here's my Mommy at the hospital the day before I was born. I was quite content just staying put. In fact, I was in no hurry what-so-ever. Mommy and Daddy checked into the hospital on Thursday night, Feb. 22 because I refused to make my grand entrance. I was already a week late!

To test my parents' patience even more... they THOUGHT I'd come a couple of days before I did, but the hospital didn't have any room. Boy, was my Mommy upset. I finally made my Grand entrance at 4:09 pm on Feb. 23, 2007.

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