Thursday, November 29, 2007

What the heck are Alpacas??

I have NO idea... Mommy says we can NOT get one, though. If I want to visit Alpacas, I have to go see my crazy Great Aunt Pat. They have TWO!

I want my hair to grow long so I can comb it like this, too!

Look at ME! I'm riding an Alpaca! (sure looks like a Llama!)

Grandpa helped Ashtyn and I ride the Alpaca together.

This is rawhide, the neighbor's horse. I really like him a lot.


MeMe said...

Great Aunt Pat is not crazy! Everyone seems to think they make cool pets--just not for everyone. I have always liked to be unique.
Glad you enjoyed them, Thatcher.
Love, MeMe

Gram said...

What hair? We had a fun day looking at all of the animals. Come back soon.