Saturday, September 5, 2009

Downtown Cowtown- The Cattle Drive Experience

You know, I've lived in Fort Worth my ENTIRE life... and Mommy and Daddy had never taken me downtown to the cattle drive. For those of you who DON'T know, Fort Worth is also know as "Cow Town" due to the it being the center of major cattle trade for, well, decades. Six days a week, twice a week, they drive cattle down main street. Now, I thought it would be very Pampalona-esque with lots of cows running at high rates of speed, me reaching out into the street only to be yanked back just in time, escaping getting gored in the stomach. Much to my surprise, it really was just a few old longhorns lazily strolling down the street with not a care in the world. Anyhow- I still had fun.
Waiting impatiently with Mommy.
Here they come... with the mounted police on their heels.Though the actual cattle drive was somewhat anticlimactic, it is kinda cool that the cattle business is alive and well, and such a big part of Fort Worth life. It's amazing that it's right downtown, too.
After the "drive" we went and looked at the longhorns in their home.
BEEF... it's what's for dinner!! :)


MeMe said...

A cool thing to watch. Not every little cowpoke gets this opportunity.

Grandpa said...

Thatch sure looks young in these pictures. They're a little old aren't they? He should have been here today to help Gram and Grandpa count boats on the lake. Look forward to see you all in a couple of weeks.

Gram said...

Thatch, sorry you had to exercise patience, but wasn't it worth it? Pretty cool afternoon.

Amy said...

very neat! So how do you find out the cattle drive schedule if you want to go and watch?

Grandma said...

Sure are good pictures. Glad Thatch gets to see things like this. Ft.Worth is cow town and he will always remembe these things. Who knows, he might be a rancher someday.