Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finally! Halloween Pictures

Here are a few long lost Halloween pictures! Friday before Halloween, Mommy wasn't going to have me wear a costume to school... but then she remembered this cowboy t-shirt. One thing led to another, and by the time I left the house, my props included a water gun, stick horse, cowboy hat and bandana.

For our church celebration (Fall Fest), I dressed as a train conductor.

I played lots of games at Fall Fest... but I was kind of on the moody side. It didn't help that it was hot outside. Later, after trick or treating, I ended up with a fever and stayed home two days from school... so that might explain my less-than-desirable Halloween mood. I had fun despite all of my minor setbacks.


MeMe said...

Glad you found these--but OMG--can you believe how much he has changed in just a month??? He looks much more mature in the Thanksgiving pictures.

grandpa mitch said...

Thatch, you're my man. I love you as a cowboy, a train conductor, a football player....well, I just love you, period.

Gram said...

Wow! I am sure glad Mommy finally found these pictures! You are cute as a cowboy, train conductor, AND Thatcher!!!