Saturday, August 23, 2008

Go straight to Jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

On Mommy and Daddy's way home from Galveston, they stopped in Huntsville at the Prison Museum. They love to watch "Lockup" on MSN after I go to bed, so evidently they were excited to go to the museum. I'm gonna let Mommy Explain the pictures.
(above) Prisoner made Monopoly game. (below) artwork done by a skitsophrentic inmate who claimed he had no artistic ability.
Last meal request by inmate prior to execution. Click to read the entire thing- it's actually kinda funny at the end.
SPARKY! Enough said.
Daddy in Jail
LOCKED UP- "Jailbait" haha.
The big prision...
This was a sign on the road as you ENTER one of the Units. We got a good laugh.
Two inmates walking. We drove by this unit several times because there were inmates out on the yard. Evidently this is a very LOW security unit... look at the nice fence keeping them in. I rolled down the window and waved to these guys. The guy on the left was nice enough to wave back. So... from him... "HI!"


C and C Mommy said...

Ok...that looks like an interesting museum. We just might have to take a trip there. Cheney would love it.

Did you know he has decided to be a Houston SPCA officer because of what he watches on Animal Planet? It makes me laugh!!

R said...

you guys crack me up!