Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good News, Bad News

I went to see my ENT today... the exam rooms aren't really kid friendly since they see all ages- but Mommy improvised toys. After I got tired of "sipping" from the tiny cups on the exam table, Mommy made me this funny looking balloon. I like it... why does Mommy keep saying "MOO?"
Okay let's get the bad news out of the way... I have to get tubes "reinstalled." The one in my left ear has fallen out and it's still trapping fluid back in the middle ear- on the verge of an infection, but not quite there yet. The one on the right is still in, but clogged. Dr. Ponder says it's best we change them out. So I'm scheduled for Surgery on Aug. 18.

GOOD NEWS: I can hear just fine. I met this lady called an audiologist and she took pictures of my ears. Then she put me and Mommy in this box where Tigger and Pooh danced around all lit up. (Mommy's explaination: They play different varying amplifications of white noise. On one side, Tigger spun around with lights just after the white noise sounded on that side... the other side was Pooh. Thatcher thought it was really cool. He kept looking back and forth between the two trying to anticipate which would dance. He got the giggles a time or two. The audiologist watched through a window. At one point, Thatcher spotted her, perked up and started waving. I tried so hard not to laugh.)

JUST WATCHING: Mommy also asked the doctor to look at my tonsils because I've been choking a lot lately. Mommy thinks it's cause I shove too much food into my mouth, which I do... Daddy was worried it might be because I inherited his big tonsils. He had to get his taken out when he was little a LONG time ago because he kept choking. My tonsils are "on the large side of normal" but also red... so that combined with the ear redness means more antibiotics for me.

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Gram said...

I am so sorry that you have to have surgery again, but it is necessary to stay healthy. The tubes have been doing their job, so just put some more in. Your Mommy is just like your Granpa---making a balloon from the glove!