Monday, June 1, 2009

Everybody was "Dump-ster Di-vi-ing!"

Have you ever heard of "Dumpster Diving"? Well, I learned that a certain two year old (ole' muah) can benefit greatly from this Po' Man Hobby. Note new toy below... one girl's trash (sorry Ash- the barbie table was torn) is another boys' treasure!!


E @ Scottsville said...

Have I "heard" of Dumpster Diving? I'm the QUEEN OF IT!!!

Way to go Thatcher! You can be the KING of it. Looks like you're lovin' it!

Grananny and Grandad said...

Your Uncle Todd and Aunt Krista also loved to dumpster dive. It's amazing what "treasures" they found. One find was a gold basket that Aunt Leslie had discarded at Oklahoma Christian University.

Gram said...

Who cares where it came from if you can use it. It certainly looks like you are loving it.