Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Me at 15 Weeks

I'm getting so big, but I'm still a pretty skinny dude. This was the first day I wore my denim shorts. Because my waist is so little, my shorts used to fall off of me but now my booty is big enough (especially with a full diaper) to hold them up.

This week I visited Grannie at the hospital when she had a stint put in her kidney. Don't worry- she's fine, but I provided a good distraction for Grandad and Aunt Leslie.

After that, I went to visit Aunt Laura and Cousin Ashtyn. Grandma and Grandmother were both over there and I got spoiled. They gave me lots of kisses and squenches. I LOOOOVE to Cuddle!!!

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Tammy said...

Your dad emailed this picture to me and it's one of my favorites of Thatcher. He's such a cutie!!