Monday, June 25, 2007

This Weekend- Family Fun at NRH2O

We had a busy weekend! Aunt Pat, Uncle Larry and Cousin Cheney came to visit me on their way to meet Grandma at the family reunion in Oklahoma. We went to dinner on Friday with all of them plus Laura, Bobby and Ashtyn. Then on Saturday morning, I decided to be a really early riser- all on my own. We went to breakfast with the Weirs and then to Target. Later on in the evening we went shopping at Babies R Us and got snow cones. (Well- I didn't get any, but Mom and Dad did.)

Sunday after church and a nap we went to NRH2O. It's a little water park in North Richland Hills. Mommy and Daddy got season passes so they could take me there. Mom and I went by ourselves this past Wed. but Daddy got to come with us on Sunday. We had fun in the lazy river and then in the pool connected to the kiddie pool. Daddy said it was probably like swimming in a toilet, but I still had fun. (Plus- I spit up all in the pool so I really can't complain if other people peed in it.)

I get to wear a lifejacket sometimes at NRH2O. It makes it easier for me to float on my back in the lazy river and gets me used to wearing one so I don't throw a fit when I HAVE to wear one (like this week when I go out on the boat - hint hint Gram and Grandpa!) So far the life jacket doesn't seem to bother me... mostly I just like to eat it!

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C&C Mama said...

Thatcher! Cheney sure had fun hanging out with you this weekend. He told me that he was AMAZED at how big you have gotten!!! Love you!!!!