Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Jump Party

Well... a couple weeks ago, I went to another party at "Let's Jump." It seems each time I go, it becomes more fun... probably because I'm getting bigger. As soon as Reese saw me, she ran right over and took my hand and we walked off together. Mommy didn't have her camera out, so the pictures she took of Reese and me aren't as good...

At first, I just wanted to play with all the balls in the room... they were really for playing dodgeball. Then I decided I'd try to crawl into one of the blow up things.
But I needed help... Rylee came to my Rescue (actually she was just trying to move me out of her way). Then, Mommy took me down the big slide!
YEAH! We made it!
Since I did so good with Mommy, she decided I could try it by myself!
Wowzah! Look at me go! (I actually was trying to crawl up the slide- but I learned about gravity this day. I wouldn't say it was "fun" to go by myself... but I didn't cry.)

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Gram said...

Looks like fun. When are you going to take me there?