Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well, my loyal readers... here they are- the MANY pictures from my birthday. Enjoy.

See... one year olds can open their own gifts!

Reading a Card and anticipating the gift.
See AL... Ashtyn really WANTS to be a bow head!
I asked all my friends to help me open my gifts.
Trying to escape the madness
What's inside?
Chillin' in my new chair.

JD was very interested in all the gifts- even clothes.
Wow... opening all those gifts got a bit crazy!
AL reading to Rylee
Grandma the Great got me some cool gear from Hawaii.

Grandma the Great
Rylee Grace
Playing with blocks- with Reese
JD liked my magnetic farm toy
AL and Ash (notice how she still has the bow!)
My decorations in the kitchen
My birthday cake! Happy Birthday to me.
Everyone sang to me
I got my own little cake to smash.
I wasn't real sure what to think of it at first.
But it didn't take long!
I even shared some with Grandpa
And then tumped over the entire cake.
Kayde's Cake face
JD thumbs up with his Mommy (our parents were friends before we existed.)
Gram and Grandpa got me a new Radio Flyer Wagon. It's an "ATW" that means All Terrain Wagon!
Here I am with Grandad and GraNanny
I love Balloons!
Well- I had a big day- what can I say?
Needless to say- after all that partying, I needed a nap. Gram, Grandpa, Grandma the Great, AL, Uncle Bobby and Ash hung out for a while. When Ash and I woke up from our naps, we went to eat togther. Here's a picture of my Mommy (Ashtyn calls her Double A). Notice... still a bow AND pink fingernails on Ash!!
Getting ready for my Bath! It was a great birthday. Mommy- can we do it again next year?


C&C Mama said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THATCHER!! We love you!! It looks like your party was a blast. You have some pretty cool friends!!

Gram said...

What fun we had on your birthday! Thanks for letting us share with you. It is hard to believe a year has gone by.

jocelyn594 said...

Sorry we missed you Thatch! Happy First Birthday!!

grandpa said...

You're a really cool guy, but judging from that last picture we should start looking for a set of weights! You better work on the body before we leave for Cozumel or you won't be getting any chicks! By the way, yes you can take the swim trucks back and trade them for a speedo.
Happy Big #1!

Grananny and Grandad said...

You are getting to be such a big boy. It is hard to believe that one year has already gone by. Your birthday party was great!

Grandma said...

Oh,What fun we had at your birthday party. It was great and you were such a cute big grandma's boy. I wish I could have had you all by myself for awhile, but I guess I have to share. Good to see Ashtyn also. I bet you two have a good time when you get together. Thanks for letting me share your 1st birthday with you, family and your friends.

Tammy said...

Happy First Birthday, Thatcher!!!