Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pre-Birthday Fun

So the night before my birthday, Gram and Grandpa came over to spend the night... and guess who they brought with them? COUSIN ASHTYN! I was in a kinda crabby mood, which isn't out of the ordinary for me these days (I haven't been getting enough rest at school), but I snapped out of my funk long enough to give lovin' to everyone.

Here's Me and Grandpa and Ashtyn
Gettin' Ready for Bed
LOOK! Ashtyn's a BOW HEAD! My Mommy did that to her!
Reading a Night Night book with Gram


C&C Mama said...

Hey Thatch! I love the pics of you & Ashtyn!! You look like your Daddy in them and Ashtyn looks like her Mommy!! I love Ashtyn's pj's-it makes me miss Chandler when she was that size!!!!!

Gram said...

Thatcher, you are such a sweetheart. Anyone can overlook your crabbiness occasionally. Thanks for letting us bring Ashtyn to spend some time with you both. I love you!

grandpa said...

Hey, Bud, tell Gram you're not crabby, just a boy with an agenda! What great fun we had playing, eating and visiting with you, your mommy and daddy and Ashtyn. We had fun with Bobby and Laura too, but wish we hadn't got to spend so much time with them this weekend.
Love you much!

Andrea said...

Thatcher, you sure are a cute kid (and your cuz isn't too shabby either!). I'm glad Double A helped make Ash all girly, even if I'm a little jealous I didn't get to paint her nails.