Sunday, May 25, 2008

Babyfit Playdate!!!

When my Mommy was pregnant with me, she started chatting with other ladies who were due the same time as me on this crazy website. Everyone made fun of her, but pretty soon even AL was asking Mommy to post questions. The ladies on the website really helped Mommy during her pregnancy. Now, almost two years later, she still goes on and chats about things I'm up to... you know, making sure I'm "normal" (Like I can be normal with parents like mine!). ANYHOW- Saturday evening, we were able to meet up with another Babyfit Family. Caleb is just a couple of weeks older than I am. His Mommy and Daddy (Michelle and Josh) came in from Oklahoma for a get away weekend. I'm so glad we got to meet them. It was tons of fun... even though we BOTH had long days. I was kind of a grump butt, but I got happy later on once I had ice cream. Ice Cream always cheers me up!
We weren't quite sure what to think of each other at first, but once we got outside we started playing.
Here we are with our Mommies. Caleb and Michelle, Mommy and Me.
Babyfit Daddies!! (They are the ones who make fun of our Mommies' "internet friends" but I think they were both relieved to find out that the others weren't serial killers.)
Babyfit Boys... Thatcher (that's me) and CalebCaleb had snacks... I wanted some.So I took some.What? What's wrong with that? Don't worry... he tackled me just minutes after this picture was taken. :)CalebME


Tammy said...

Cute pictures! Thatcher, tell your mommy I said she looks really great in the photo of her in front of the fountain!

Gram said...

I am glad you could meet Caleb and his parents. I am sure Mommy got more our of the meeting than you did. Did you have fun playing with Caleb?

Christine Elliott said...

What a couple of hunks! Ella and I are super jealous! :-)

O said...

Oh, wow, you and Michelle both look fabulous. You ladies are so pretty and your young men are real cuties, too!