Saturday, May 24, 2008

A visit from Gram and Grandpa- backyard play

Well, Gram and Grandpa came into town this weekend for a "grandkid" fix. Naturally, LOTS of pictures were taken so there are way too many for me to post on my blog. I'll do the best I can in chopping the weekend up into simple chunks for your reading pleasures. These pictures are from yesterday. Gram, Grandpa, Unca Boobie, AL and Cousin Ash all came over. We went to dinner and then played in the back yard. Ashtyn does the slide all wrong! She actually tries to crawl up the rock wall. Of course, my plan in going UP the slide is much easier. I tried to show her the ropes, but she kind of got in my way... and well, I had playing to do!
First, I push my way down the slide... Ash came down after me and actually tried to crawl back up the slide before me!! Can you believe that girl?!?!
Of course, she didn't go fast enough... so I just crawled OVER her.
Gotta move it or lose it girl!
Happy to be at the top again (See- Ash cheated and went up the side with Gram's help plotting against me. It's a conspiracy, I tell you.)
In from playing, time to get cleaned up and take a bath... I have an "outie." Ash has an "innie." We're both modest.
A bed time story with Grandpa.
Stay tuned for more pictures from this weekend....


MeMe said...

What great bathtub pictures!! Can't wait to see you guys.

Gram said...

We could have played outside all night! Thatcher, I love to see the smile on your face when you are playing outside. Of course, boys always have to show girls the ropes! How much trouble will you lead Ashtyn into? Maybe, the other way around????