Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Computer is Sick

So last Sunday afternoon, Mommy uploaded a bunch of pictures from a lunch with Aunt Leslie and then Children's Day at church. Before she could update my blog, our computer got sick. Daddy took it to the doctor, but the medicine was really expensive, so he brought the computer home. All week, Daddy tried homeopathic ways to cure our poor computer. Nothing worked, so today he's taking our computer back to the doctor to get healed once and for all. The computer is SO sick it won't even allow Mommy and Daddy to burn CDs of my pictures. Anyhow... that means Mommy is going to have to skip ahead to LAST Sunday evening and this past Sunday, Mother's day. As soon as the computer is all better, I'll have her post the other ones for me, though... so stay tuned.

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