Saturday, May 3, 2008

Finally- The Park

We made it to the park! This was the first time I'd been to this particular one. After attempting to climb up the slide and eat wood chips (no rocks at this one- bummer!) Mommy took me over to this little toy that we finally determined to be a red turtle. (Hello! Even I know Turtles are GREEN!) It was hard to get it to go back and forth, but after a bit of time, I kinda got the hang of it.

Then... onto the CAR! Here I am in my suped out ride chillin' trying to pick up a lady friend. Watch out world- here I come!
I still don't get the concept of seat versus floorboard.
Okay... what else?
Wait a second... is that the beginnings of a smile? Can I actually ENJOY swinging?
I did it! I really did it!! I got to swing and I didn't even CRY. By the end, I was even going higher and LAUGHING! It's a breakthrough. (This blog entry is dedicated to my therapist without whom I could never have had the courage to swing.)


Grananny and Grandad said...

We are so happy that you finally like the swing. You are beginning to become a daredevil.

Anonymous said...
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Grandma said...

Hi Thatcher, You are getting to be such a big handsome boy. I can't believe how you have changed since I saw you last. Wish you could live a little closer so we could play together. Looks like you are going to like being out of school this summer. Come to see me.

Gram said...

Yea!!!! I am so glad you finally like the swing! Isn't the playground fun? They have so mnay neat things at each one. Enjoy the weather before it gets too hot.

MeMe said...

You and Chandler will have to swing together sometime soon. She loves to swing HIGH.

C&C Mama said...

Thatch!! I can't wait until you come visit for VBS. We are going to have FUN!!

Ashtyn said...

Yay! I'm glad you like the swing now. Can't wait to play with you again soon! Maybe we can go to that park together. It looks like fun!