Friday, December 28, 2007

Mommy's been playing with her new camera.

And I'm the test subject! Stop the flashing lights already!!


C&C Mama said...

Cool pictures! I think the pictures are good because the subject is soooo good!! Thatcher is such a cutie!!!!!!!!

E said...

Aren't new cameras fun?!

Loved seeing all your Christmas pics. Glad y'all had a Merry one, too! Thatch still just makes me think of Cam so much at that age!!!

E =0)

grandpa said...

Golf is only cool if you can make a whole lot of money at it, so you better keep practicing. Remember, those birdies you hit from time to time are samll, hard to clean, and don't taste very good either. Maybe you need to come down here and let me teach you to fish!

Grandma said...

It is okay for Mommy to play with her new camera as long as she is taking pictures of you. Sure have enjoyed all of you pictures and am very anxious for you to come to Seguin.