Tuesday, December 25, 2007

SANTA came to visit me!!!

I must have been a REALLY good boy this year... well, for the past 10 months at least... because SANTA came to visit me last night! He brought me a Little Leaps learning system, a game, some cars, bath toys and some gerber wheels. I opened gifts from Mommy and Daddy this morning, too. Take a look!
Crawling to see what Santa brought....
WOW! My game system.

Look at all this cool new stuff from my stocking!

Mommy must have been super DUPER good this year. Santa brought her a new fancy camera.
Santa even brought Rudy some treats. I tried to get him to share with me, but Daddy wouldn't let him.
I used Daddy's credit card to order my Mommy this perfume that you can't buy in the United States. It's her favorite smell.
Daddy got more golf shirts.

Look... the best gift! ME!

I finally got some balls! (no pun intended)
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love, Thatch (and his Mommy and Daddy)


R said...

I think we have the same jammies, A! :0)

Gram said...

Yeah, Thatch. Looks like you have had a great Christmas so far. Tell Mommy that, "sure you have been a great boy this 10 months. Just wait to see how you act the next 12 months!" Wish you and Mommy & Daddy were here.

Love, Gram and Grandpa. We miss you!

C&C Mama said...

Merry Christmas Thatcher!! We love and miss you soooo much!!! Please come visit soon.

jocelyn594 said...

Thatch, thank your mom for posting all these great pictures! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

grandpa said...

Never thought I'd be calling you a Bow-Head, but......