Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Wow.... What is this big green thing with all the bright lights doing in our living room? Why don't I go check it out?!
Oh, look- a shiny gold ball!
I got it, I got it!
Yeah! I got a shiny gold ball from the tree.
Ahhhh!!! I'm not allowed to touch the Christmas tree!


Tammy said...

Beautiful tree and great post! Poor Thatcher! Won't be long and he'll be big enough to help.

C&C Mama said...

Hey Thatch!! Tell your mommy to put some COOL ornaments down low that you are allowed to touch!! We have some cool ones made of a footprint and 2 handprints to make a raindeer face-Chandler LOVES to look at it & jabber all about it. Sorry you got in trouble. We love you!!

Gram said...

Oh, no, Thatcher! Did Mommy & Daddy take the ornament away from you? Tell them to give you one that you can play with that will not hurt you.

grandpa said...

Thatch, ask mommy to put the ornament that grandpa made you down low on the tree so you can play with it. Also, reminder her that when she was your age Gram and Grandpa had a "child proof" tree with no breakable ornaments on it.

Ashley Hester said...

aww! He wants to play with the shiny gold glass ball! Poor thing! :( LOL but cute pic!

Neeny said...

Just wait until he starts wanting to throw the ornaments like Brant. It is good to see how much fun he is having with your tree. He is getting so big so fast.