Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Well, I had my very first Thanksgiving last weekend. Here are some pictures from my bid day.

With my AL- she thinks I'm cool as drool.
Chandler loves Rudy. Notice how he's not running from her the way he runs from me. ???
Here I am with Grandma the Great and Ashtyn
Daddy taught me how to play 42. Evidently it's a family tradition
Chandler and Aunt Pat brought over this cool toy. It has balls that go through holes and down a spiral thing. It also plays music (I LOVE music.)

Mommy wrestled with Ashtyn and Chandler
See, I loved this toy!
All of our mommies decided to take a "cousins" picture. At first it was KIND of going okay...
But Ashtyn kept crawling away.
She got mad when I held her back by her head. Finally I gave up and went to play!

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Gram said...

What fun we had for Thanksgiving. It is great to have a house full of children around again. Fun family time.