Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Milestone for the Books

This morning Mommy sang on Praise Team. That means she has to be at church early and so it's a bit more frantic getting ready. She was in the other room and wanted me to come get dressed... naturally, she just hollered for me, "Boooooogie."
My response, clear as day and sarcastic as a teenager, "WhUt?"
Daddy happened to be standing next to me at the time and said I also gave a dirty look. :) Who says the terribles start at two?


The Allens said...

Maybe he hasn't been talking as much because he keeps giving you the silent treatment. He may be smarter then we already knew he was. What a cute little toot.

Gram said...

Tell Mom to just get ready. It only gets better from here. By the first of next year she will be begging for you to not talk so much.

E said...

Oh yea, next thing you know it'll be SENTENCES!!! =0) He reminds me so much of Cam at that age (hair and all)!