Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My first TEXAS State Fair!

"Howdy Ya'll. I'm BIG TEX."

(I met a FAMOUS dude... okay- a famous talking giant dummy... but whatever, Big Tex is a Big Deal people!)

God Blessed Texas... with ME!
I call the below picture "Boy Meets Corndog" OR "Eat your Heart out Grandpa!"
Fletcher's Corny Dogs- official state fair food... since... forever.
Every year, people come up with weird new fried foods. This year the new big winner was "Chicken Fried Bacon" but we weren't brave enough to a. stand in the hour long line to try it or b. wake up with heartburn. We opted for a classic with a fried twist:

Mommy took me into the best place ever! The petting Zoo. Daddy waited outside with the stroller, so most of the pictures are from the back of my head. I made myself right at home in the petting zoo. I pushed my way in front of people so I could see... while your still little and cute, you're allowed to do that. I take full advantage.
There were lots of non-traditional animals at the petting zoo... Camels, A Giraffe, Kangaroos, Minature Donkeys, Emus, Ostriches, Weird non-cows and more.
Of course, there were farm animals, too. The goats were the only ones who would really eat from our hands, though.
Mommy taught me how to hold out my hand to let the goat eat from my hand. (I wanted to feed them just one piece of food at a time.)
I guess I learned the hard way... because this little baby goat BIT me! He did... he actually broke skin and everything. If you look close, you can see he has my entire thumb in his mouth.
After we finished at the petting zoo, we went to another STATE FAIR essential "event."
I was really excited to watch!
...and their off!
Go! Go! Go!


C and C Mommy said...

I am soooo jealous!! The State Fair of Texas is the BEST!!!! I am so glad you got to go!!

One Hale of a Story... said...

Ah, a Fletchers. Mmmmm! Luck you Thatch! It looks like you had a banner day. I'm so sorry about the goat. I hope your wound is healing nicely!

Grandpa said...

I'm jealous too! One of my favorite places to hang out is the State Fair of Texas! Oh yeah, did I forget to say, "Hook 'Em Horns"? Poor, poor Oklahoma Sooners. See you tomorrow!!!!

Gram said...

Yummm Everyone needs to try a state fair corn dog. How were the pig races? Did you see so much that your head was spinning? Cool deal that Mommy & Daddy took you to the State Fair