Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat, smell my... trunk

Tonight is HALLOWEEN EVE~ in other words~ tonight is the scrimmage. Tomorrow is the big night when we'll go to Light Up the Night at church. For practice today, though, Mommy took me to Trunk or Treat at the High School where we met up with Janine and Brant. I dressed as a Lion (I finally say "roar" but, naturally, not while dressed as a lion) and Brant dressed as a Dragon.

I got my face painted. Would you believe I actually sat VERY still for the girl who painted me?

Then off to the trunks to play some games.
We ran into one of Mommy's former students (she's Dorothy and even had a REAL Toto!)I posed with Mommy.Brant and I kept turning in circles away from our paparazzi moms! That's so much fun- making them get tons of back shots. hehe.Brant and I both did the cake walk, too. We got cupcakes... yummy!
Look- tonight I even posed with Janine!I was really good tonight and I had lots of fun. I'll make mom post more pictures tomorrow after Light Up the Night.


C and C Mommy said...

Thatch!! You are the cutest monkey ever!!

Have fun tomorrow!!

Gram said...

ROAR! You are such a cute lion. It looks like this lion had on his somber face tonight.

E said...

Awwwww, you look so sweet. Mathew's first Halloween costume was a lion! =0)

Happy Halloween!

Tammy said...

That 2nd photo, in sepia, is just beautiful! And what an adorable lion you are!

Irishembi said...

ROAR! What a sweet lion!

Larissa Pereira said...


So cute lion!
Well, I'm so glad 'cause God has taken care about you. I'm praying for your life!



Dani said...

How adorable!

I couldn't get Cassidy to keep the hood of her costume on :( (guess she's going to be a stubborn mule like her mom).

I wish we had Trunk or Treat in our area, it looks like so much fun!