Saturday, October 4, 2008

Monday Night Football

... doesn't mean sitting in front of the TV. It means we get to go watch the middle school kids play. Mommy's students from last year are fun to watch, and they wave to me, too. Daddy took me down close to the field... I was interested in the cooler and kept trying to reach through the fence to press the button for water. I did clap and cheer, though.
This guy was one of Mommy's kids from last year... Chaylon. He's a very good football player. Mommy has several boys on A-team.


MeMe said...

Lucky you--Mom takes you to see her students. See what you can look forward to.

Gram said...

So gad Mommy and Daddy take you to see "the big kids" play ball. Isn't it fun?

C and C Mommy said...

Chandler LOVES watching "poopball." Today, she was imitating the cheerleaders she saw on TV!!