Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Saturday Drive

Today, I decided I wanted to go for a little ride. Since no one was on their way anywhere and refused to take me on my ride, I just decided I'd get into the car and drive myself.
Of course, you've got to have some good tunes to listen to first....
Once you have your tunes ready, you have to wave bye to all the haters. (In this case- my mom and dad who wouldn't take a kid for a ride! Geez!)
And finally, you can "back that thang up" right out of the garage... and away you go. Now- when I run away for the first time- you'll know you don't have to look far. A guy can try can't he?


Gram said...

Wait a minute! You're too young to be driving AND running away. Do Gram & Grandpa need to come get you? Of course, your Grandpa loves to just drive around.

C and C Mommy said... drive me somewhere...I don't like to drive...I like to ride!!