Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PEOPLE pictures from the ZOO!

Here we are, just arriving.

We started off with the primates, but our favorite (the orangutans) weren't even outside. So we went on to the Rhinos and cheetas... then we looked at these deer lookin' things. They came right up to the fence. I had a face off with one of them!


Last time I was at the zoo, I fell asleep before we saw Bonnie, the elephant statue. This time Ash and I posed together.

There was a guy out by the elephants who had a real elephant tusk and a rhino skull. He gave Ash and I each a stamp on our arms to remember the elephants. We can both make a sound like an elephant, you know. My mommy taught us.

Look! Matching Bottom Lips!

Choo! Choo!

This petting zoo wasn't nearly as fun as the state fair's... Gram almost got me kicked out, too! She tried to feed me to the pig and goats. :)

I sure did have fun at the Zoo.


Andi said...

Thatch, the pic of you holding hands with Daddy and Uncle Bobby is even better than the pic of it on Ashtyn's blog!

MeMe said...

Such fun!!

E said...

FINALLY!!! The pics of Gram breaking the rules! =0)

You got some great shots, and you're right - matching bottom lips!

Gram said...

Thatch, I had such fun. You and Ashtyn couldn't have acted any better. Can we do it again?

Grandma said...

Looks like you had fun at the zoo. Did any of the monkeys look your Daddy's. Pictures sure were good.